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Reasons Why Your Personal Training Program is not Working for You

When you join a workout program keep in mind that just working out is not as important as how you go about it. If your approach and efforts are sporadic you are not going to achieve your weight loss goal. What you should do is select a program that suits your goals, track your progress and be consistent.

How to select a weight loss programme

Once you have set a goal as to how much weight you would like to lose, you can then decide what type of training you should go in for. For weight loss training you will require a weight loss challenge that includes cardio and strength training which will burn the maximum amount of calories and minimize losing body mass.

In case you want to increase your power and strength you will need to use more heavy weights. For endurance results aerobics would be the answer. The important thing is to ensure that your workouts match your goals. Most weight loss tips for women never tell you this, but I found it to be the most important factor for losing weight.

weight loss

Consistency is the key

You have to be consistent with whatever training program you decide on. If you keep changing your routine, miss workouts or perform randomly, your efforts will be in vain. So when you decide on a particular routine besides ensuring it is appropriate for the goals you have in mind, it should also fit in with your particular twelve week personal training program.

Making your body respond

If you want your body to respond to the training program you must be working out with a personal trainer 3-4 times per week, you have to put your body through enough stress which in turn will give you increased fitness, more strength and reduced fat. However, just doing the same workouts over a period of time will make your body adapt to them and appropriate changes might not take place.

Repetition of the same set of exercises done at a mediocre pace or quitting if discomfort sets in will not prove enough of a challenge and your body will not respond. So the amount of effort you put in is important. You should choose a program that has proven principles with regard to intensity, volume and frequency. In case you have absolutely no idea of how to go about selecting such a program take guidance from a professional trainer.

Importance of the right nutrition and lifestyle

As in the case of selecting the right weight loss program you also require a suitable nutrition plan in line with your fitness goal. Choose a program that you can follow consistently otherwise it will not work.

Another factor that impacts your weight loss efforts is your sleep. You should enjoy a good night’s sleep and feel totally rested when you awake. Factors such as stress, over-eating, malnourishment, etc. will affect any training you undertake.

Just training is not going to help you make major improvements in your body. You have to ensure your lifestyle and eating habits will also contribute to getting your body to be strong and healthy.

Tracking your progress

When working out it is important to track your progress on a regular basis. You should keep a record so that you are aware if your body is responding. Besides using weighing scales you could also measure your girth, use skin-fold callipers or check if your clothes are becoming a loose fit. Taking photos of yourself at different stages of the workout could also give you an indication of how much fat you are losing.

Best Kettlebell Size for Workout Courses

Kettlebell – What Size is Right for Me?

Are you contemplating kettlebell workouts for your fitness goals? If so, then you have taken one of the best decisions ever. Kettlebell workouts provide maximum impact in least time as they combine strength training and cardiovascular moves. You might consider hiring a kettlebell instructor.

The equipment is easy to carry around so you won’t ever miss your exercise session and a one-time investment can last a lifetime as kettlebells are extremely sturdy. All in all, kettlebell training is one of the most effective ways of reaching your fitness goals. For more info, click here for Functional Fitness Courses.

The Need to Select the Right Kettlebell

Training with kettlebells is quite different from working out with other standard equipment. Most of the workouts are full-body movements that involve multiple small and large muscle groups. When performed correctly, these workouts have the potential to not only improve your strength and endurance but also your posture, body balance and basic everyday motions such as gripping, swinging, snatching etc.

However, before you get all excited, you should remember that a kettlebell is a unique equipment that needs proper handling. It is a solid ball of iron with a handle (horn) above to grip it. Moving it any way you want is difficult and risky for the uninitiated. Lifting it or moving it the wrong way can lead to injuries and incorrect posture.

Also remember that although there are general guidelines on selecting the right size, each individual is different. You should understand your present fitness level; build and physical capacity before trying out just any weight.

It is best to consult a seasoned trainer for a few sessions initially. Once you know what’s right for you and have mastered the technique, you can continue training with kettlebells on your own. For kettlebell courses in Auckland, check out Auckland courses.

Kettlebell Sizes

The Right Kettlebell Size for Women

If you are a woman and new to kettlebell training, you should ideally begin with a kettlebell that weighs 8kg. This is a weight that is not too light or too heavy and can be safely handled by average women.

Anything lighter and you may feel that you are not straining yourself hard enough. For example, you can easily lift and move a 4kg kettlebell even if you have never worked out before. While this may seem great, in reality you are not learning the correct posture and movement and you will never develop the strength required for moving on to heavier weights.

Again, you may not be able to lift a kettlebell that weighs more and may want to quit at the very onset! Many women feel daunted by the prospect of having to lift a 10kg kettlebell and move on to other easier workouts. This is a shame as you can easily lift much heavier loads only if you are patient and work your way up gradually.

The Right Kettlebell Size for Men

For men, the right size kettlebell for beginners would be a 16kg weight. This may seem light enough as most men are used to handling heavier weights in daily life. But do remember that merely ‘lifting and moving’ heavy loads is not the same as kettlebell training. Multiple muscles are involved in each workout and learning the correct technique and posture is crucial to avoid injuries.

New Year’s Resolution: Sign up for a 6 Week Body Challenge

A great resolution for the New Year would be to get into good shape physically and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Why would it take a resolution? Because going in for physical training is not the easiest thing to do. It requires a good bit of dedication and hard work and many people fail, or over time lose interest. One good way to ensure you stick to your resolution and reach your goal of quick weight loss is to hire a personal trainer.


How a personal trainer can help

  • Firstly, personal trainers are professionals in the business of physical training. They have the knowledge and expertise to put you on the right track.
  • When you hire a personal trainer he or she will handle your case on a personal level i.e. take stock of your physical abilities, what goals you are looking to achieve during your 6 Week Body Challenge.
  • As mentioned above though many people decide to go for a 6 Week Body Challenge, not everyone runs the course. This happens due to several reasons. Some people do not feel they are making the right progress, so they abandon working out. Others tend to get bored. Still others find it difficult to fit training sessions into their regular schedule, so they quit. It is in such instances that a personal trainer can be of immense help. The trainer will provide the right guidance and support to help clients overcome such negative behaviour. All it takes is for positive feedback and the skill to turn negative into positive. A professional personal trainer is geared for this.
  • However in spite of the right guidance from a personal trainer, you would also have to put in the required effort. Working out in the proper manner on a regular schedule requires commitment both from the client as well as the trainer. As the trainer is on a paid schedule he or she will be committed; so then it is up to you to do your part.
  • Many people are reluctant to work out in the company of others as in a gym. Hiring a personal trainer would solve this issue. Working out in a gym would also involve your having to wait for your turn to use a particular piece of equipment, standing in a queue to use the shower, or finding that all the lockers are already taken up. If you hire a personal trainer and work out in the privacy of your home, you will avoid all the above problems.
  • Working out on your own can also lead to injuries especially if you are not very familiar with the equipment. A trainer will help you take the first steps of personal training and then guide you through each phase of the 6 Week Body Challenge, ensuring you do not incur any injury. The trainer will also be on hand to upgrade or change the workouts if required so boredom does not set in.

So go for it. Make a special resolution to go for a 6 Week Body Challenge under the guidance of a qualified trainer in the coming New Year. What more rewarding result can you achieve than a better looking, slimmer, trimmer and healthier you!

3 Quick Marketing Tips You Should Learn From Your Fitness Course

Mistakes to Avoid in Personal Training Business

Personal training is a huge industry with a number of fitness instructors and personal trainers specializing in varied types of training programs. Trainers have turned most of their focus to online fitness marketing methods for their business. There are some areas where even established personal trainers go wrong while running a personal training business and doing its marketing. Look for a fitness course that has specialised marketing modules to help you build and grow your personal training business.

Not taking before and after pictures of clients

Many personal trainers tend to forget or ignore the most important thing that is required for marketing your fitness business. Taking pictures of your client before they start training and after they have completed training helps you in advertising your training business. They can also be used for various fitness marketing strategies.

Lowering the price to attract clients

Lowering the charges for your training sessions to make a particular client hire you may seem good initially since you procure the client. However, this can hurt your business in the long run. Instead, you can have low-price schemes or low-price trainings to attract clients. It is a bad idea to lower your price for every individual customer and can tarnish your reputation as a trainer.

Four Tips For Choosing a Fitness Trainer Qualification

More and more people understand the importance of exercising regularly and having an active lifestyle. They seek professional help in order to help them achieve their fitness goals. A personal trainer or fitness instructor has great scope for growth in the fitness training industry. Various fitness training qualifications are available in the market that will help you kick-start your fitness career.


The credentials of a personal trainer determine the clientele that he/she gets. The first step is to get certified from one of the many personal trainer courses available in the market. Prospective clients often check the trainer background for his/her qualifications, experience and any relevant training that he/she might have undergone.

Getting certified from a recognized university or company is a huge advantage here. It is better to be associated with a university or company that offers a wide range of training courses. This allows you to upgrade your knowledge and credentials at a later stage.

Specialisation is important

Before choosing from the various fitness course, it is important to know what you want to specialize in. The fitness industry is so vast that there are a number of training areas that you can specialize in.

Some of the options are weight loss, body toning, sports training, injury rehabilitation training, maternity fitness, muscle building, senior citizen fitness, disease-specific training or weight loss for specific areas of the body such as thighs, waist, stomach, arms or legs. Deciding on the field that you want to specialize in, will help you invest your efforts, resources and finances in that direction.

Decide what you want to do

Fitness industry experts have lots of options to choose from. You can choose to start your own personal training business and work for yourself. You get the advantage of the running your business the way you want to and choose how to make profits. However, here you have to market your business yourself and procure clients for your services.

The second option is to work for a gym. You get the advantage of having a steady income and you do not have to do any marketing. Your job will be to train the clients who avail the gym memberships. The third option is to become an industry expert and write fitness books, online articles, websites, blogs and have fitness seminars, discussions or speeches at various locations.

Stay updated

It is important for a personal trainer to stay updated with the current fitness industry trends, knowledge about new health or exercise equipment, latest studies about fitness, diet and health and any new other developments in the industry. The best way to stay updated is by constant networking with other fitness industry professionals by way of attending seminars, discussions, exhibitions, health expos etc. Reading latest books written by industry experts, health articles, blogs etc are also a great source of knowledge. Stay in touch with your instructors, course-mates and peers to help you grown in the industry.

Choosing the right one from the many personal trainer courses available in the market is extremely important. They can help you enhance your skills, knowledge and provide you with the right credentials to start off in the fitness industry.

Weight Loss Tips that Work

If you are one of those people who do not enjoy doing regular work outs with a CBD boot camp or at home or in the gym with the help of an online program you might be happy and surprised to learn that losing weight can be achieved in a less energetic manner.

Below are a few tips to help you achieve weight loss in simple and easy steps:

  • Before you start your meals drink a glass of water. The intake of water fills up some of the food space in the stomach and you will end up eating less than what you would have eaten normally. Less food consumed on a daily basis will definitely have an impact on your body weight.
  • You should also ensure that your food is served in portions that have the right balance. Eating from smaller plates will prove a visual signal for the amount of food you will eat, and prevent you from may be going back for seconds.
  • If you are a snack-eater, instead of eating straight from the packet or bag, you could measure out the quantity of snacks beforehand and put away the bag. That temptation too of going for ‘more’ will be denied.
  • Though you may not be into doing regular workouts in Bondi, you should make sure your body gets some proper movement during the day to experience weight loss. You could go for a small walk in the area, climb the stairs instead of using the lift, or maybe park your car a small distance from your office so you get an opportunity to walk



  • If you are into drinking juices, sodas etc on a daily basis, or may be a glass of wine at dinner, the empty calories will definitely add up. So instead, you could drink flavoured water – lemon, mint or cucumber serves as fresh flavours, thus saving important calories.
  • One thing you should not do is to stay hungry for a long period of time. If you do this you would probably end up splurging on food at night which will defeat the whole purpose. You should eat your meals on time so that your levels of blood sugar do not make you crash out.W
  • Dinner should be an early meal, about 2-3 hours before retiring for the night. You should also ensure that the meal consists of about 25 pct of your daily calorie intake. Eating heavy meals at night will lead to indigestion and difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep.
  • If salad is on the menu for lunch, see that a vinaigrette dressing is used instead of the more heavy dressings. You could also opt to have fresh fruit, all of which will help reduction in calorie intake.
  • Cookies always appear tempting, and a sure test for your sugar craving. However instead of opting to have cookies, you could have a bit of dark chocolate. This will satisfy your sweet tooth and ensure you are on track of a healthy diet.
  • Last but not least, is to get a good night’s sleep – at least 7 hours. If you do not sleep well you might end up feeling out of sorts during the day and then indulge in eating more and not benefitting from the above weight loss
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