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Date: 2013-12-05 04:17:15
URGE Male Out: June 2013

Hi y’all
Hope you are wrapped up warm as the chill kicks in.
Been such a busy few months that I have forgotten to send out a Male Out – Bad Paddy!

First of all we want to say huge congrats to our Mr URGE NZ Bear winner Lucien for bringing back the Mr Australasia Bear title to New Zealand after an amazing victory last week in Melbourne – well done fella!
Also thanks to everyone who came along to URGE Black in Wellington at the beginning of the month.
As you probably know there have been some changes at the bar, the most significant of course is that URGE is up for sale. Negotiations are still on-going. Also other big news is that the Paddy is off to Sydney at the start of August, so expect a big party on July 27!!

Right here are some events coming up over next couple of weeks:

Thursday June 20: Quiz Night hosted by Andrew. Doors open at earlier time of 8.30pm. Four to a team and its just $5 per team to enter

Friday June 21: Congrats to Lucien! We welcome home Mr Australasia Bear 2013. Come support the handsome Frenchman. Music from iPJ Adam Crozier

Saturday June 22: ‘Cause for Paws’ SPCA Night – our food fundraiser for charity. Bring a can of pet food and listen to the great music of DJ Sam Holloway

Friday June 28: DJ Antony

Saturday June 29: Mid Winter Mardi Gras with DJ Donald Bennett. The biggest, gayest night of the year as we go all out to warm up winter. Bring those beads and lay them (ahem) on new and old friends. Dress code: Rainbow.

Don’t forget we are open every Sunday from 3pm-7pm as well.
Coming up in July we have a big fundraiser for the NZ Falcons Rugby Team on July 13 as they look to head to the Bingham Cup in Sydney in 2014 and on July 27, Alan’s Leaving Do! More details on both soon
Cheers for your support

The URGE Team